Thursday, 18 August 2011

The pros and cons of the IPL model

The IPL (Indian Premier League) has been a commercially successful venture. Money has been pooled in from various sources, which include:

Ø  Media Rights of US $ 1 billion for 10 years
Ø  Title sponsorship
Ø  Sale of match tickets
Ø  Selling advertising in stadia
Ø  Franchise Bid Money

This money has been utilised to promote the newest form of cricket, that is, Twenty20. There are many positives in favour of the IPL model:

  • Promoting Indian cricket and India as a major cricketing nation
  • Career enhancement of domestic cricketers who were otherwise languishing in neglect
  • A major source of income for cricketers, media and IPL franchises
  • Introducing glamour to the game of cricket
  • A great source of entertainment for viewers and audiences

However, there are flipsides to the IPL model as well. Among them are:

  • Decreasing popularity of other forms of cricket
  • Disputes with cricket boards of various countries
  • Making playing schedules more hectic for international cricketers for other tournaments
I feel that Lalit Modi has done very well as the IPL Chairman. Lalit Modi has implemented the IPL model successfully in a short span of time. Credit goes to him for bringing in money and glamour to the game of cricket. His vision has also been an encouragement for domestic cricketers and has made India shoot into the limelight as a “Cricket Lovers’ Nation”.

Considering the improvement of ethical aspects, sources of money could have been made more transparent. Also, it is believed that a certain amount of personal bias is involved in IPL dealings. A fair and just procedure would have strengthened the faith of people in the cricketing administration.

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