Saturday, 20 August 2011

A Green Future

The fundamental idea behind having a green future is that while fulfilling the requirements of the present, we leave sufficient natural resources for the future generations to come. This calls for responsible behaviour on part of the world's existing population and initiatives to build environmental sustainability.

Some ways in which we can work towards a green future are:

Promote sustainable architecture, which endorses environmentally conscious design techniques. While being an environment and ecology conscious approach, sustainable architecture advocates moderation in the use of materials, energy and development space. This may be done by the use of recycled lumber as building material and the usage of solar panels for electricity generation and water heating.

Waste Management is important as the amount of waste per house can be reduced by on-site composting of food waste and off-site recycling. Composting of toilets may be done to reduce sewage and grey water may be used on garden beds to make waste management efficient.


Phasing out of plastics by means of replacing them environment-friendly paper bags or bags made of biodegradable material is also a viable solution. Phasing out of vinyl plastic and brominated flame retardants by companies are prominent steps in this direction.  

Harnessing renewable energy sources and usage of alternative fuels is highly recommended considering the fast-depleting natural sources of energy and fuel. Using turbines to harness wind energy is increasingly prevalent to reduce dependence on conventional reserves of energy sources. The concept of a water-fuelled car serves to reduce demand for hydrocarbon based fuels, cut back on pollution and prevent environmental damage.


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