Saturday, 20 August 2011


Technology has changed the world in a big way. Technological advancement has changed human habits, the way of life, how humans interact and all this has had a significant impact on the thought processes of humans.

Let us have a peek into the future (about three decades from now) and envision what changes may come about by the year 2040:

Greater access to mindpower and usage of mental faculties

It is a well-known fact that at any given point of time humans utilize less than 10% of the potential that their brains have. Medical science is likely to find out ways of using a greater percentage of this brainpower to carry the human race forward.

A pill for every state of mind

It shall be possible to purchase emotion and states of mind. Medical pills corresponding to every state of mind shall be available for sale giving humans greater choice to get into a particular frame of mind before any activity.

Humans competing with robots

We shall have sports and activities in which teams are comprised partially of humans and partially of robots. This will be in line with human evolution to the extent of capabilities that advanced robots have.
Man and Machine come together

We have witnessed lots of humans getting married to each other. The future will bring man and machine together by means of wedlock as the world will embrace marriages between robots and humans. To offset the trend of rising divorces, robots will be configured for compatibility as a mate. Cross-breeding between human and robots will serve to give birth to a new modern species.

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